You are passionate about writing, and just need some inspiration and support to explore your passion. I have created WriteOn program to ignite your passion for writing, blending strategies that I have formed through my creative journey.
Learn to write short screenplay, story, script or other literary works
Explore the range of forms and techniques that will help you develop 12-14 plage screenplay, story or script.
Develop collabration skills through hosted weekly cohorts
Each cohort starts on first Monday of every month. You meet with your classmates with a group coaching call.
Learn simple or complex chartacter through hands-on exercise
Build strategies for character formation by ecploring multi faceted dimensions of their motivation, personality and environment.
Get 1:1 support via weekly coaching Call
Using personal guidance, experience and strategies, find a clear direction for your writing career.
Review published work and develop critical thinking
Study riveting published work and engage in critical discussion from a writer's standpoint.
Monitor your own progress and stay motivated
You will write 4 pages every week, for 4 weeks. That's it. Four pages... Build characters, story line and finish your master piece.
Improve different aspects of writing
Resources, Tips and Tricks to Improve your grammar and style
One on One and Group Coaching
Gain Guidance and techniques from coach-led class
Develop your literary voice
Strategies to find your inner voice, style and what you truly care about
Personal guidance to help you through the journey
Your Community
Find yourself in community of other writers who can share their experience and tips
Planned progress
Inspiration will get you started but self- discipline and plan will help you finish
Sarah H
WriteOn is an extremely well thought program that combines the course, motivation and feedback from a very talented writer and classroom peer group. I would highly recommend this course.
April N
Stephanie was vested in my progress, she gave me support, motivation and inspiration through the course journey.
Tia Q
Before taking Stephanie's course, I had struggled with writer's block, now I have just the right trick to unglitch my thoughts.